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I rapidly build websites with my own PHP framework.

Webby is a PHP framework I built based on CodeIgniter to speed up the building of websites.


Passionate about backend development, I am a seasoned software engineer with over seven years of experience in the field. My expertise in web technologies such as HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, PHP, CodeIgniter, and Javascript has allowed me to tackle a variety of projects with ease. My love for PHP led me to extend the functionality of the CodeIgniter framework, streamlining the process of building small-scale web projects such as e-commerce sites and management systems.

Constantly striving for improvement, I have honed my skills and embraced a resilient, lifelong learning mindset. My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the world by solving problems one step at a time. I am eager to join a company that shares my vision for creating a better future for all.

What I Do Best

Building APIs

I design and build and document APIs and turn problems that are faced in simple software solutions

Software Trainer

I train and teach students to take up software developer roles, I am capable of demystifying programming concepts into simple forms that are understandable.

Podcasting and Audio Editing

I turn raw recorded audio files into high quality listenable forms which is then hosted on your podcast for listeners

Questions and Answers

Have any question concern your software solutions. Then I am the person you are looking for. Come to me with your programming misunderstandings and I will gladly be of help.

Kwame Oteng

+233 24 372 1004

+233 24 361 2445


Accra, Ghana.